Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's Get It Started In Here – Testermix Summer Starter '10

Yes, yes, I know, I know. I haven’t made a post in well over a month. Believe me, it’s not because there’s nothing going on here. Matter of fact, it’s probably the opposite, and that’s why I haven’t had time to post lately. But that’s a tale you shall hear another day, if at all.

At any rate, because I haven’t posted in so long, I thought I’d placate my loyal audience (all six of you!) by posting my latest mix. This achieves two things:

1) By posting this, I will have something to point to for the month of June, effectively (or perhaps not so) assuaging my fears that the only thing I’m doing with my blog is allowing it to collect e-cobwebs.
2) Because I made this mix, like, last month, I can accomplish the above with relatively little effort. All because I care!

At any rate, this is what I’ve been listening to lately (the making and listening process got me through a good chunk of my excursion to China). Enjoy Testermix – Summer Starter ’10:

1) REO Speedwagon – Ridin’ The Storm Out
2) Taylor Swift featuring T. Pain – Thug Story
3) Good Charlotte featuring M. Shadows and Sinister Gates – The River
4) Lady GaGa – Monster
5) David Guetta featuring Akon – Sexy Chick
6) Smile.Dk – Butterfly ‘09
7) Artist Vs. Poet – Car Crash
8) Panic! At The Disco – Time To Dance
9) Bowling For Soup – Punk Rock 101
10) Ke$ha – Tik Tok
11) Hey Monday – Run, Don’t Walk
12) Four Year Strong – Enemy Of The World
13) Jonathan Coulton – First Of May
14) Del Amitri – Roll To Me
15) Leona Lewis – My Hands
16) B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams – Airplanes
17) All Time Low – Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies
18) Team Teamwork – M.O.P. – Ante Up (Battle!) [part of the Vinyl Fantasy VII comp]
19) Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job
20) Dragonforce – Through Fire And Flames

There you go. This 20-song set gets you about an hour and some change in my life. You should be so doggone lucky. But anyways. Hope you enjoy it!