Sunday, August 30, 2009

Initial Entry--Would That Make This The Syllabus?

I've wanted to start a blog for a while now, but have had a hard time finding the work ethic and drive to keep one going consistently. Fortunately, my friend Jordyn recommended I do a blog in a way that seemed quite sensible to me: keep your topics focused. Jordyn's blog appears to do just that, with it being an outlet for her opinions on movies, music, and other bits of pop culture. Genius.

Having thought heavily of what I will write about, I decided I'm just going to wholesale copy her idea and also write about music, movies, hobby stuff, etc. I am okay with this for two reasons:

1) I am also interested in movies, music, etc, and they say to write what you know. Besides, we often express our opinions differently, or at least wildly divergent in them, so there's a good chance you won't grow too fatigued if you choose to read both (you charitable devil you).

2) Jordyn's concentration appears to be movies anyways, where I am much more involved in video games, so there'll be a unique twist! Well. Unique-esque.

I'll try and keep this weekly if I can; I'm sure between classes, theater, and Netflix I'll come up with SOMEthing to say. I'd also like to try and have it put up on certain days (say, I sit down and write it on Sunday night), but we'll see how conducive my schedule is to organized writing like this.

I'm glad I finally have a concrete reason to blog and get writing! I want to be able to improve my writing, and keeping a regular blog will be a good way to stay in shape. Call it exercise for my right brain, or at least my fingers. Ciao!

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