Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yet another project: Andrew + Jordyn Watch the Best Picture Winners

I’ve started a new blog. Well, I didn’t start it and it’s not truly my blog, but the gist is that I’ve started writing in another location on the internet. The story goes like this: my good friend Jordyn has been watching and writing about the films that have won the Academy Award for Best Picture for several weeks now. After a long, convoluted conversation spanning two or three different social networks, she has invited me onboard the BP train, and we have started a blog to commemorate it.

You may remember, if you are a longtime reader, that Jordyn and I have attempted to do a crossover blog before and how it resulted in Bluthanized, a blog where we analyzed the cinematic works of animator/director Don Bluth. You may also remember how we stalled out shortly after watching Thumbelina, and how its lain dormant for the last two years, waiting fruitlessly for our joint review of A Troll in Central Park. With that ten-film failure behind us, we can move on to bigger and better things, like an 84-entry retrospective on the Best Picture winners! Hell, it’ll probably be 85 by the time we’re done.

I digress. You all should stop by and give us encouraging words or, if you’re more the Statler and Waldorf-type, heckles. I’ll be posting my main thoughts on Diversion 2.0, but Jordyn and I will be hashing out a back-and-forth discussion on the main blog, so it will be worth your while to follow both. Besides, you’ll want to be around for when our tastes inevitably diverge and we start fightin’.

The new blog is called Andrew + Jordyn Watch the Best Picture Winners, a wonderfully self-explanatory title if I've ever heard one before; just like Zach and Miri Make a Porno, there is no possible way to misconstrue what will happen. Besides, we're basically The Avengers of Blogger, so there's nothing wrong with stunting the talent involved in our little project. We look forward to your readership and, as discussed, heckles. Cheers!


  1. +JMJ+

    I love Jordyn's reviews (although I don't comment very often) and really enjoyed your Don Bluth blog while it lasted. So I'm sure I'll like this joint effort as well. =)

  2. Thanks for your support (and apologies for the delay)! I hope you will find our efforts enjoyable, and that we can continue to produce them in an expedient manner.